Kunstpilgerreise 2

In autumn 2015 Marinka Limat started her second “Kunstpilgerreise”. She walked from Murten in Switzerland to Venice in Italy for the Biennale 2015. On her way there she visited more than 80 art institutions and questioned them about the capital of art.

For the destination of her second “Kunstpilgerreise”, Marinka Limat chose the 56th Venice Biennale. Every second year since 1895, this has made Venice the international capital of the contemporary art scene. This was also the focus of the question Marinka Limat put to institutions and artists on the way: “What is the capital of the arts?” She took the answers with her, sewn into her pilgrim’s garb, and recited them on 21st November, 2015, at the entrance to the Giardini.


The challenge posed by the second Kunstpilgerreise involved crossing the Alps by the Via Francigena, (the St Francis Way) over the Great St Bernard Pass, late in the year and in uncertain weather conditions. Then there was the language: at the beginning of her journey, Marinka Limat’s command of Italian was not good. Nonetheless she was able to carry out her plan to find a local artist, each time that she stopped to pitch her tent for the night.


In addition, the journey through Northern Italy made clear for Marinka Limat the parallels between art and religion: both are hard to grasp, but marked by set rituals and structures. They go beyond understanding and touch something deeper. Something which binds. Even if you don’t speak the same language.

KPR-2: Murten, CHVenice, IT, 832 km, 41 days, 2015

Kunstpilgerreise 2 lasted from 28th September to 9th November, 2015. The journey led across the Alps, over the Great St Bernard Pass, through the Aosta and Piedmont valleys, and towards Venice via the plains of the River Po.



  • Footage

    Marinka Limat recorded also her second „Kunstpilgerreise“ as a video travel diary. The material contains some key moments of the journey: the encounters with the artists and impressions of the march through the Alps and northern Italy. It may be edited at a later date.


    Music: Anton Bruhin (jew’s harp), Jacky Lagger (guitar, vocals)
    Editing: Cornelia Albrecht


  • Pilgermantel


    Im Mantel aufbewahrt sind 80 Antworten auf die Frage «Was ist das Kapital der Kunst?»
  • Pilgerhut


    Das Zeichen „K“ steht für Kapital, Kunst, Kreation, Korruption, Kommunikation, usw.
  • Karton


    Beschreibung des Performance Vorhabens. Verwendet bei der Ankunft in Venedig
  • Maske


    Bei der Ankunft in Venedig fand eine letzte Performance statt. Die 80 gesammelten Antworten wurden drei Mal vorgetragen. Die venezianische Maske hält diesen Moment fest.
  • Pilgerpass


    Die zwei Heften enthalten die Daten, Orte, Unterschriften der 80 besuchten Kunst-, Kulturinstitutionen und Künstler.
  • Pilgerrequisiten


    Ansammlung der KPR-2 Spuren