Kunstpilgerreise 3

Kunstpilgerreise 3 (KPR-3) will see Marinka Limat journeying from Kassel to Athens in 2017: her performance will establish a physical connection between the twin locations of “Documenta14”. Her focus will be the question of the art that arises between these two centres.

Kunstpilgerreise 3 is the longest and most ambitious project that Marinka Limat has undertaken in her artistic career to date. It will take 163 days and cover 2500km across nine countries. The starting point is Kassel, the home of the Documenta art exhibition, while the destination is Athens, the cradle of western culture. Throughout the entire duration of Documenta14, which in 2017 is taking place in two different locations for the first time, Marinka Limat will be en route between the two, joining them together with her footsteps. The route will lead her across Eastern Europe and the Balkans, from one place of artistic interest to another.


Encounters are at the heart of Marinka Limat’s project. They provide the basis, and in such moments the artwork can emerge. This is fleeting, direct, spontaneous and unrepeatable. Being present in the moments of encounter with a wide variety of people is what constitutes Marinka Limat’s performative work. She exposes herself to the strange and unknown, and chooses an open and direct setting to do so: the pilgrimage.


Pilgrimage is a well-known format practised in various religions. Marinka Limat transfers it from the religious to the artistic context. Making her way by foot to a “Mecca of Art”, she investigates the attraction that this place exerts. In the institutions that she visits en route, she asks for “blessings” in the name of Art, while the stations on her journey are stamped in the pilgrim’s passport she carries with her.


KPR-3: Kassel, DEAthens, GR, 2500 km, 163 days, 2017

The Kunstpilgerreise 3 will start on 8 april 2017 in Kassel and end on 17 September in the Athens Acropolis. The route will lead from Germany across Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary) and through the Balkans (Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia).




  • Video Crowdfunding

    Anyone who is not able to take part in Kunstpilgerreise 3 will have the opportunity to experience the project later. Video material will be used to produce a documentary, recording Marinka Limat on the trail of art. The film’s production costs were met in February 2017 through a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised 10 000 Swiss francs. Funding applications have already been made for post-production (winter 2017/18).


    Presentation crowdfunding, january 2017


    Documentary, full HD video, French/German, English subtitles. Scheduled release: Beginning of 2018.