Kunst-Pilger-Reise 1

Performance artist Marinka Limat took a walk from her home town in Switzerland to Berlin in the summer of 2013. On her way she stopped at over 50 art institutions, asking them to bless her in the name of art.

For artists and creators, all roads lead to Berlin, a high point of art and culture. Like many others, Marinka Limat succumbed to the irresistible appeal of the German capital. She could have gone there by train in a few hours, by car or by plane, but instead she chose to walk, giving the experience the solemnity of a reflective journey.


On this “art pilgrimage”, or “Kunst-Pilger-Reise”, she walked 1,100 kilometres and visited more than 50 places of art (galleries, museums, art centres, associations, universities and artists), where the people she met gave her their blessings as well as a signed confirmation of her passage in her pilgim’s passport.


Preparations for Kunst-Pilger-Reise 1 were extensive: Marinka Limat recorded the effect of the fitness training on her body by drawing figure studies. Large-scale nude self-portraits were produced (exhibition at Galerie Zimmermannhaus in Brugg, Switzerland, with Lara Russi, 2013). The performances “Let me Freebourg” (presentations of works in public space) and “Vide-atelier”, marked a departure from the artist’s previous works, converting them through their destruction into a new form of energy.

KPR-1: Fribourg, CHBerlin, DE, 1100 km, 65 days, 2013

The Kunst-Pilger-Reise 1 took from 25 may until 28 july. The journey led from Fribourg in Switzerland through the Jura to Basle. Then heading the german towns Karlsruhe and Frankfurt am Main, it went through the Thuringian Forest towards Leipzig, and from there to Berlin.



  • Kunstpilgerreise 1 – Documentation

    The main trace of the performance is a documentary, recorded by Marinka Limat and Dominik Tomasik, who visited the performance artists three times on her way to Berlin. The film was presented at different cultural institutions where Marinka Limat was hosted on her journey three years ago (see more under events).

    Watch online


    Documentary, Full HD video, 58 min, French/German, English subtitles


  • Film Box

    Film Box

    Limited edition of 195, CHF 60.– / EUR 50.– excl. postage
  • Pilgrim's passport

    Pilgrim's passport

    contains stamps and signatures from all the institutions that were visited on the Kunstpilgerreise 1 (14 frames with selected pages).